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Before you reach the tee you need to make sure you have the right clubs in your golf bag to play your best game possible. A top-notch club fitting is an eye-opening process. A club fitting experience can optimize the performance

of your golf clubs. When you have your clubs properly fitted to your swing you will not have to make constant adjustments and compensations. 


Customizing your golf clubs includes your set makeup, club head design, shaft flex, length, grip size, lie & loft are key factors in club fitting. You will notice a significant difference in the overall feel and performance of the club's personalized to you and your game.

Our fitting service keeps a keen eye on your swing fundamentals. We want to fit you into a swing that is correct, not one that is very inconsistent. Often times lessons come first, then get fit using state of the art launch monitor technology to measure data effectively. Our goal is to help you get the best value from your golf club fitting experience. As coaches and instructors of the game, we offer expert fitting services only by PGA and LPGA professionals only. 

Club fittings are complimentary with the purchase of new equipment. Fittings last from 30 to 45 minutes.

Bob Miller Golf is a proud staff member of the Professional Callaway Team

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