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Women Golfers
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Lessons For Ladies  2023
Clinics & Schools for Women!
Play - Learn - Enjoy
with LPGA Professional
Lisanne Miller


Lessons for Ladies from Miller Golf Coaching

LPGA Professional, Lisanne Miller leads our team to help women play, learn and enjoy the game of golf at any level. At MGC, we offer a variety of clinic programs, schools, and private lessons and coaching. We can help you choose the right program to fit your goals, schedule, and learning style. If you need help with choosing the right program - call our
HELPFUL HOTLINE at 508 942 0133 or email us at Review the programs that we will be offering beginning in April 2023 and let us know how we can help you enjoy golf even more!

First Swing Program for Women
Welcome to golf and how much fun and exciting it is going to be to learn the game of golf! This is an introductory program for women who have never played golf. This program will be broken down into 5 separate 60-minute clinics that cover the core fundamentals of the full swing, short game, putting along with the key rules and etiquette of the game. We'll review all you need to get started on the course. We can recommend clubs to purchase after a simple club fitting - important to get the right clubs at the start.

  • Five consecutive weeks of 60-minute clinics

  • This program is for women who have no golf experience

  • Core fundamentals including grip & setup for full swing, short game, putting

  • Review of basic rules and etiquette to help get you comfortable on the course

  • Simple club fitting and equipment recommendations - Clubs are not needed to start this program

  • Minimum of 4 students and maximum of 8 

  • Tuition is $199.00

Game Improvement Program for Women
This program is for women golfers who have completed the First Swing Program for Women or have taken some lessons with some past on-course playing experience.  Are you ready to "climb the ladder"  and move to the next level in golf? The Game Improvement Program is broken down into 5 separate 90-minute clinics. We will build on your fundamentals on the full swing from tee to green, short game, and putting. Our goal is to improve consistency, add more practice drills, functional golf exercises, and a look-see video analysis. 

  • Five consecutive weeks of 90-minute clinics

  • Students should have some prior golf-playing experience and have taken some instruction

  • Smaller class sizes with more one on one attention and more practice time

  • Proper equipment check and ball flight analysis

  • Golf exercises to help develop power and flexibility

  • Minimum of 2 students and maximum of 6

  • Tuition is $299.00


Practice Clinics with the Pro Clinics - Co-Ed
These are very popular 60-minute sessions in a clinic format. Each clinic is a supervised range session & practiced covering a specific topic such as tee shots, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, wedge play, short game, and more... These are offered throughout each month by the MGC instructional staff. 

  • Range balls included

  • Minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8
    Tuition is $35 per session


Half-Day Women's Golf School
Our half-day Women's Golf School is either a 3 1/2-hour session in the morning or afternoon (see schedule). Each half-day school will focus either on your full swing or short game. This school is recommended for more active golfers striving for improved consistency in their golf games. During the full swing school program, we'll go through your bag working on your full swing from tee shots through the scoring clubs. The half-day short game will refine your chip shots, pitch shots, lob shots, bunker play, and putting. The short game half-day school is a real game changer for scoring. and lowering your handicap.

  • Less time commitment than a weekly clinic program - more experienced golfer desiring a more efficient swing or short game

  • Learn "how to" move your game to the next level - gain clubhead speed, ball speed, and improved consistency in ball striking
    Equipment evaluation 
    Limited to only 4 students - minimum 2
    Tuition is $249.00

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