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Holiday Gifts Golfers Love To Receive!

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"Where would you like to see yourself as a golfer in 2021? Playing better golf certainly makes the game more fun and gratifying! I am here to help you master the goals you choose to accelerate ". Beginning in 2021, I will be conducting a New MasterClass Series! This is a collection of amazing clinics that I have built to guide golfers throughout their overall game development".

Bob Miller, PGA, Master Coach

There will be 6 separate MasterClass Clinics in 2021. You can choose one or all 6. Private coaching sessions available as well! 

Here's how it works!

The purchase of any of our MasterClass Clinics can be for your favorite golfer, a friend on even yourself! A MasterClass gift card can be purchased in any amount. Each time a golfer attends a MasterClass, the clinic amount will be deducted from your gift card. 

More Information!

  • Each clinic is 90 minutes in length except the On-Course MasterClass (2hr.)

  • Maximum attendees are 4 (minimum 2)

  • Each student receives skill notes to review 

  • 2021 schedule will be posted in mid-March 2021

  • You can book your MasterClass Clinics online or call 508 362 8870

  • You can bring another golfer and have it deducted from your gift card amount

  • Any questions can be answered by emailing Bob Miller at

How do I purchase?

  • To purchase go to our online store and shop! We'll do the rest!

  • Or call 508 362 8870 (pro shop) with your credit card.

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